Frequently asked questions about paying for services.

Groundwork Solutions charges an hourly rate for all grant-writing and consulting performed.  A written agreement or contract is created so that both the grant writer and organization agree to the payment, payment schedule, and scope of work.

Can We Hire A Grant Writer On Commission?

The Association of Fundraising Professionals states in its Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice: “Members shall not accept compensation that is based on a percentage of charitable contributions; nor shall they accept finder’s fees.” 

Groundwork Solutions charges a reasonable fees for all our services.


Can We Pay For Grant Writing Services Out Of The Awarded Grant?

Grantmakers frown upon contingency fees, and many will not fund your organization if they find out you pay consultants on this basis. Funders seldom allow a grantwriter’s fee to be included in the program budget, and hiding the fee in another line would be dishonest.  This will jeopardize your relationship with the grant donor because they expect their grant (donation) will pay for what you said you were requesting the money for; not your overhead costs.


Do you guarantee A Grant Proposal Will Be Funded?

Proposals succeed or fail for a number of reasons, most of which are out of the grantwriter’s control. Among these are:

  • The strength of the project: its feasibility, whether it meets a clear community need, and whether it has a well-planned budget.

  • How well the project fits the funder’s interests.

  • The non-profit’s reputation, track record and financial history.

  • Relationships: how well the funder knows and trusts the non-profit’s board and staff.

  • Competition: how many other requests the funder has received, and from whom.

  • Funds and Timing: how much money the funder has available in this cycle.

While Groundwork Solutions cannot guarantee funding, we will work hard to find to best sources for funding for your organization and prepare excellent, solid proposals.


How can you reduce grant writing costs from your end?

Please assign a contact person for us to communicate with throughout the duration of writing in case of questions.  We maintain communication with clients throughout the proposal writing process in order to reduce confusion and increase likelihood of receiving money.

The better prepared and organized you are in regards to providing required information (identified in initial assessment consultation and throughout the process), the less your overall cost will be.